Largest Hand Coded Directory
that was created by one individual. CannyLink has been online since Nov. 17, 1997, over 20 years ago! In March of 2011, CannyLink was upgraded to PHPLD driven directory. This upgrade means that CannyLink will be better organized, and better able to service our visitors. To submit a site a site to CannyLink, please go to the most appropriate page for your listing and click "Add a Site" at top. Please note that both Standard listings and Featured listings are subject to editorial review.
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1) Please avoid keyword stuffing title and description.  We reserve the right to edit.

2) Use capitalization in description only when appropriate.  Do not use exclamation!

3) Links to adult content, gambling or sites that deal in counterfeit goods will not be accepted.

4) We reserve the right to decline or edit any listing for any reason at any time. 

5) If listing is not initially accepted, payment will be returned.



1) By paying for, and submitting a request for press release creation and distribution service, you are stating that you own the business or website that is the subject of the press release, or that you are authorized by the owner of the business or website to take this action.

2) Traffic Connection Inc. (Owner of CannyLink.com) will only distribute the press release after we have received final approval from you via email or email contact form. Once final approval is received, you take full responsibility for the content of the press release.

3) Once press release is distributed, Traffic Connection can not make any edits except to press release posted on CannyLink.com.

4) All inquiries regarding the press release by the public will be referred to the Contact information provided and not Traffic Connection.

5) Traffic Connection reserves the right to refuse to accept a press release order for any reason.  If order is refused, a full refund will be issued.  Most likely reason for refusal is if the target website offers illegal or offensive content.  Please do not submit a request for us to create a press release for a site promoting online gambling, online pharma, counterfeit goods, or adult content.